Passion Led Us Here


 If you like faith-filled stories where the most unlikely of candidates come
together for a purpose much bigger than they—then tune in. 

RevCo-22 is a collective with a cause and a platform with a purpose where compassion + collaboration = putting your purpose into action.

Their business model is based on an ecosystem of "co-" which promotes collaboration over competition. Their platform is a virtual space that connects a diverse range of people from all around the world. Their hope is to cultivate a culture of collaboration and activation by drawing people together around a love for international cooking, community, and causes. 

Asher and Jenna are co-founders of RevCo-22’s “Cooking with a Cause.” Together, Asher and Jenna co-author a blog called “A Beauty for Asher,” which tells of their real-life, real-time story in the making based on God’s promise in Isaiah 61 to give those who mourn “beauty for ashes." They are a redemption story in the making.

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RevCo-22 believes that the opportunity for redemption exists for every story and is possible in every setting.  The changes we want to see in the world around us are rooted in the transformations that first take place within us. This is why RevCo-22 wants to invest not just in the causes you care about most—but to invest in YOU, as well. 

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food pakistan
Image by Max Delsid
Rolling the Dough
Cumin Rice
Image by Calum Lewis