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Host a Class, Help a Cause

We are excited that you’ve identified a cause you care about! ​In order for you to host a cooking class to raise funds for your cause, we need to make sure it aligns with our vision and core values. Please read more about our mission below and fill out an application to apply to host a cooking class. We will respond to you as soon as we are able.


RevCo-22 is a collective with a cause and a platform with a purpose where compassion + collaboration = putting your purpose into action.

Our mission is to move from meal to movement by cultivating the causes of the collective, thereby maximizing the impact of the good we can do. This is why our model is based on an ecosystem of "co-" which promotes collaboration over competition.

We are ordinary humans who believe that by coming together we can achieve extraordinary things. Our hope is to cultivate a culture of collaboration and activation by drawing people together, both organically and intentionally, who want to make a difference in the causes they care most about.

Together, we will co-create, co-learn, and co-work, bringing the best of our unique selves to the table, not to just work together, but to serve one another by supporting the advocacy work of the members of the collective.

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