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Passion Led Us Here


There is a “story behind the spice” in this couple’s kitchen. Meet Asher,
the Chef from Pakistan, and Jenna, the Life Coach from Chicago. 

Check out our short promo video to learn more about Cooking with a Cause and get to know your hosts Jenna and Asher.

Join us for a culinary, cultural, and social experience. We teach you how to cook with an international flair within a community that cares. Our unique chef+coach approach ensures that you not only learn how to cook, but you make new friends and learn how to put your compassion to action as Coach Jenna facilitates meaningful conversation.

Half the cost of each class is donated to causes and charities that are important to the collective—that’s you! 


Asher and Jenna, co-founders of RevCo-22’s “Cooking with a Cause," believe that when ordinary humans come together, they can achieve extraordinary things. 

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Image by Max Delsid
Rolling the Dough
Cumin Rice
Image by Calum Lewis
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