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Laura Wilharm

I've been cooking for 45 years and was pleasantly surprised about how much I learned in just one class. The meal was delicious and it was nice to change up our menu. I now have learned some new flavor profiles I can use in my everyday cooking. It was definitely worth my time, plus it was fun. It's always nice to help a cause, too. I can't wait to take my next class.


Seanna Devries

This cooking class was so fun! Jenna and Asher were a joy to work with, and all within the comfort of my own kitchen. I never realized I could make such delicious and flavorful food. I especially enjoyed the experience of live instruction from somebody in another country and having the opportunity to make a truly authentic cultural dish. I super love that I was able to support a worthwhile cause at the same time. 


Claudia Hoffman 

I love Jenna and Asher's passion for what they do, and of course I loved the dishes we made. I'm so proud of myself. The salad was delicious; in fact, I think it's my new favorite recipe. It was simple, fresh, and tasty. I loved learning the secret tips that brought it all together, too.  

Spices in Jars
Spices in Jars

Terry Fennel

"The Pakistani cooking class was an international adventure into food preparation with a Pakistani chef. He not only taught us new ways of preparing common foods (like rice and vegetables) but introduced interesting spices and new food combinations. And so fun to share the experience with other fellow learners. RevCo-22 makes cooking for a purpose even more fun!"

Keri Youngren

"I really enjoyed that the class was live and being able to ask the chef questions; you can't do that watching a cooking show or from a cookbook."

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