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Meet Your Hosts Asher & Jenna

Asher loves creating delicious, traditional dishes, but also enjoys adding his own flavorful infusions of innovation to his meals.  Even more than cooking, he loves curating purposeful community . . . and that’s why he cooks with a cause in mind.

Asher holds a diploma in Culinary Arts from COTHM College in Lahore, Pakistan and is a member of the Chefs’ Association of Pakistan. He’s studied and cooked in a variety of restaurants and hotels but can point to his family as the origin of his love for creating delicious food.

Asher has had a passion for cooking since he was young. He could often be found sneaking around in the kitchen, observing his mother, and trying to convince her to let him have a turn to make a meal.

Asher is excited to help others learn how to skillfully make some of his favorite dishes and can’t wait to tell you more about the causes for which he cooks.

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Meet Jenna. She has no culinary training whatsoever. She’s convinced that if Asher can teach her to cook—anybody else can learn, too.

Jenna’s ingredients of choice are made of words, flavored with truth, sprinkled with revelation, and seasoned with wisdom. She finds deep and meaningful life lessons in the midst of the parables of everyday life experience.

Jenna holds a Master of Arts in Personal Formation and a Bachelor of Science in Education. She is an author, teacher, and life coach who believes that inside every individual, in seed form, is a genius spark, and is therefore passionate about watering the seeds that will grow dreams, giving life to the powerful voices, innovators, problem-solvers, and futurists that tomorrow’s global landscape will need.


Jenna is excited to learn how to cook alongside you in “Cooking with a Cause,” and to encourage you in how to help the cause within you come to fruition in your own life.

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