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Upcoming Classes September

Use Promo code THAILAND for a 15% discount if this is your first class with us!

"Food is memories." ~ The Hundred Foot Journey~

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When you cook with Asher and Jenna you won't just make a meal--you will make a memory. While Asher teaches you how to cook, Jenna will facilitate meaningful conversation. Each class provides a unique experience to connect with community and to put your compassion to action as you cultivate the causes within you that you care about most.


Asher holds a diploma in Culinary Arts from COTHM College in Lahore, Pakistan and is a member of the Chefs’ Association of Pakistan. He’s studied and cooked in a variety of restaurants and hotels but can point to his family as the origin of his love for creating delicious food.

Jenna holds a Master of Arts in Personal Formation and a Bachelor of Science in Education. She is an author, teacher, and life coach who believes that inside every individual, in seed form, is a genius spark, and is therefore passionate about watering the seeds that will grow dreams, giving life to the powerful voices, innovators, problem-solvers, and futurists that tomorrow’s global landscape will need.

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